With our Vast and diverse experience in Data Integration with the latest tools and methodologies, the options are limitless. Our expertise in Integration includes,

  • Cloud to Cloud applications,
  • Cloud to On-Premises systems
  • Cloud to Other CRM applications
  • On-Premises to Cloud applications
  • On-Premises to On-Premises systems
  • Real time and Near Real time Integration
  • Data warehouse and Data Mart Loading
  • Heterogeneous Data Integration
  • Big-Data ETL

So, no matter what your source system is and where your target system is, we make sure the Data is integrated the right way.

Is Data Quality holding you back?

Data Quality is one of the most discussed aspects before starting a DW Project. It is also one of the biggest Roadblocks to start the initiative. We at SCI-BI believe that Data Quality is the single most important factor in achieving your BI goals and strive for cleaner Data at every stage of DW-BI life cycle. We scrutinize every table, every column and every row before building the code to Extract the data. We follow the Industries proven and time-tested Best-practices in managing and reporting Bad data to ensure we deliver the cleanest Data for accurate reporting.

Our Team can deliver ETL/Data Integration Projects with the below tools.

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