If you have decided to embark on a BI/Analytics journey,the first thing you need is a strong roadmap.It requires both technical and functional understanding of the business challenges and vast experience in delivering BI projects to customers.

Our experts at SCI-BI can help you in different ways,

  • Meet key stakeholders to understand their Analytic Needs and Business Challenges.
  • Perform a High Level Rapid Assessment of the data to determine feasibility of meeting the Business Needs.
  • Brainstorm within our team and Provide a Strategy Road map based on the Data Realities and set achievable milestones.
  • Facilitate a management session to review findings, reach consensus on priorities, and secure commitment to a road map.
  • Deep dive into the Data and understand the various Data points, study dependencies, Integrity, volumes and complexities.
  • Recommend and Document an overall strategy for delivering enhanced DW/BI capabilities, including overall methodology, project scope, Infrastructure and data architecture.
  • Identify and Suggest New BI ideas if any that can be achieved with existing Data and could be useful to the organization.

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